Music City Metals 92801 Steel Wire Rock Grate Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models by Arkla, Charmglow and Others

Steel wire heat dispersal media grate, rectangular for Gas Grill Models Arkla 3501K, Arkla 4702K, Arkla 4752K, Arkla A35AG, Arkla A47AE, Arkla GA351517, Arkla GR30C-4, Arkla GR30C-5, Charmglow 10206, Charmglow 10301, Charmglow 10309, Charmglow 10310, Charmglow 1353S, Charmglow 13546, Charmglow 1475M, Charmglow 14787, Charmglow 3501K, Charmglow 351BC, Charmglow 3551K, Charmglow 4202K, Charmglow 475EC, Charmglow A35AE,

Steel wire heat dispersal media grate, rectangular for Gas Grill Models Arkla 3501K, Arkla 4702K, Arkla 4752K, Arkla A35AG, Arkla A47AE, Arkla GA351517, Arkla GR30C-4, Arkla GR30C-5, Charmglow 10206, Charmglow 10301, Charmglow 10309, Charmglow 10310, Charmglow 1353S, Charmglow 13546, Charmglow 1475M, Charmglow 14787, Charmglow 3501K, Charmglow 351BC, Charmglow 3551K, Charmglow 4202K, Charmglow 475EC, Charmglow A35AE, Charmglow A35AG, Charmglow A47AE, Charmglow C353B, Charmglow C354B, Charmglow C474B, Charmglow C474E, Charmglow C474E-1, Charmglow C484B-1, Charmglow CG640EP, Charmglow CG640W, Charmglow CN640E, Charmglow CN640EP, Charmglow CT3402W, Charmglow E353E, Charmglow E355M-5, Charmglow E4734, Charmglow G344-341, Charmglow G344-3412, Charmglow G344-3413, Charmglow G344-3414, Charmglow G344-3416, Charmglow G344-381, Charmglow G34493415, Charmglow G424-341, Charmglow G424-391391, Charmglow GA351517, Charmglow GC352517, Charmglow GC355817, Charmglow GC455517, Charmglow GC455817, Charmglow GS355817, Grill Master AG540E, Grill Master AG540EB, Grill Master AG540EP, Grill Master AG540WB, Grill Master AT441EPB9, Grill Master AT540EB, Grill Master AT540EP9, Grill Master AT540W, Grill Master AT540WS, Grill Master CG441EP9, Grill Master GG441EB, Grill Master GG441EP, Grill Master GG441EP9, Grill Master GG441EPB, Grill Master GG441EPB9, Grill Master GG441EPWB, Grill Master GG441H, Grill Master GG441H9, Grill Master GG441HB, Grill Master GG441HB9, Grill Master GG441HPB9, Grill Master GG441HW, Grill Master GG540EB, Grill Master GG540EP, Grill Master GG540EP9, Grill Master GG540EPB, Grill Master GG540EPB9, Grill Master GG540W, Grill Master GG540W9, Grill Master GG540WB, Grill Master GG540WB9, Grill Master GG540WPB9, Grill Master GT441EPB, Grill Master GT441H, Grill Master GT441HW, Grill Master GT540EPB, Grill Master GT540W, Grill Master GT540W9, Grill Master GT540WX9, Grill Master HG5409EPB, Grill Master HG540EPB, Grill Master WG441H9, Grill Master WG541EPB, Grill Master WG541HPB9, Kenmore 1077180, Kenmore 258.1077180, Sunbeam 104960, Sunbeam 104970, Sunbeam 10592, Sunbeam 105920, Sunbeam 105921, Sunbeam 10594, Sunbeam 106280, Sunbeam 106920, Sunbeam 1103F, Sunbeam 1475M, Sunbeam 154050, Sunbeam 154600, Sunbeam 154610, Sunbeam 155030, Sunbeam 155031, Sunbeam 155032, Sunbeam 155040, Sunbeam 155200, Sunbeam 155280, Sunbeam 24002, Sunbeam 24102, Sunbeam 2412-0, Sunbeam 24203, Sunbeam 24211, Sunbeam 24224, Sunbeam 2422C, Sunbeam 24301, Sunbeam 24311, Sunbeam 2431C, Sunbeam 2441C, Sunbeam 2442C, Sunbeam 2452C, Sunbeam 24714, Sunbeam 24814, Sunbeam 24824, Sunbeam 2491C, Sunbeam 24924, Sunbeam 2492C, Sunbeam 25201, Sunbeam 25202, Sunbeam 25211, Sunbeam 25214, Sunbeam 2521C, Sunbeam 25221, Sunbeam 25301, Sunbeam 25302, Sunbeam 25303, Sunbeam 25308, Sunbeam 2530A, Sunbeam 25312, Sunbeam 25314, Sunbeam 2531C, Sunbeam 25324, Sunbeam 25413, Sunbeam 25414, Sunbeam 25421, Sunbeam 25423, Sunbeam 25503, Sunbeam 25511, Sunbeam 25512, Sunbeam 2551A, Sunbeam 2551A-1, Sunbeam 25522, Sunbeam 25522-1, Sunbeam 2552C, Sunbeam 25613, Sunbeam 25614, Sunbeam 25819, Sunbeam 3349, Sunbeam 3359-D, Sunbeam 3369 series, Sunbeam 34212, Sunbeam 34222, Sunbeam 34401, Sunbeam 34402, Sunbeam 351A1, Sunbeam 351BL, Sunbeam 351BL-1, Sunbeam 351CX, Sunbeam 3522E, Sunbeam 3524E, Sunbeam 352B5, Sunbeam 352C5, Sunbeam 35313, Sunbeam 3533A, Sunbeam 3533B, Sunbeam 3538A, Sunbeam 353B2, Sunbeam 35413, Sunbeam 3541S, Sunbeam 3544E, Sunbeam 35501, Sunbeam 3553B, Sunbeam 3554E, Sunbeam 35602, Sunbeam 35608, Sunbeam 35616, Sunbeam 356B1, Sunbeam 356E1, Sunbeam 35713, Sunbeam 3573B, Sunbeam 35A11, Sunbeam 35A11-0, Sunbeam 35A11-1, Sunbeam 35A11-2, Sunbeam 35A1C, Sunbeam 35A1C-0, Sunbeam 35A21, Sunbeam 35A21-0, Sunbeam 35A21-2, Sunbeam 35A4C, Sunbeam 35B21, Sunbeam 35B21-0, Sunbeam 35B21-1, Sunbeam 35B21-2, Sunbeam 35B34, Sunbeam 35B34-0, Sunbeam 35B34-2, Sunbeam 35B3C, Sunbeam 35B3E, Sunbeam 35B3G, Sunbeam 35B3K, Sunbeam 35B41, Sunbeam 35B41-0, Sunbeam 35B41-2, Sunbeam 35D11-0, Sunbeam 35GC8, Sunbeam 35XA1, Sunbeam 35XA3, Sunbeam 35XB2, Sunbeam 35XE4, Sunbeam 3739 series, Sunbeam 3749 series, Sunbeam 3759 series, Sunbeam 3769 series, Sunbeam 3779-D, Sunbeam 3789, Sunbeam 3799, Sunbeam 3799-H, Sunbeam 3799-L, Sunbeam 37YDG, Sunbeam 37YDJ9, Sunbeam 400CC, Sunbeam 403AC, Sunbeam 404EC, Sunbeam 4700B, Sunbeam 472C5, Sunbeam 472C7, Sunbeam 472C7-1, Sunbeam 472CM, Sunbeam 4739, Sunbeam 4743C, Sunbeam 4743C-1, Sunbeam 4744A, Sunbeam 4744A-1, Sunbeam 4749C, Sunbeam 4749C-1, Sunbeam 474BL, Sunbeam 474D1, Sunbeam 474D1-1, Sunbeam 4754B, Sunbeam 475E7, Sunbeam 475LA, Sunbeam 475LA-1, Sunbeam 4764B, Sunbeam 4764B-1, Sunbeam 4764B-2, Sunbeam 4764C, Sunbeam 4764C-1, Sunbeam 4769, Sunbeam 476C3, Sunbeam 477002D, Sunbeam 4770D, Sunbeam 4774E, Sunbeam 4780D, Sunbeam 4780D-1, Sunbeam 47A43, Sunbeam 47A43-0, Sunbeam 47A43-2, Sunbeam 47A52, Sunbeam 47A52-0, Sunbeam 47A52-2, Sunbeam 47A54, Sunbeam 47A54-0, Sunbeam 47A54-2, Sunbeam 47A5C, Sunbeam 47A5H, Sunbeam 47A5H-0, Sunbeam 47A5H-2, Sunbeam 47B3C, Sunbeam 47B43-0, Sunbeam 47B43-1, Sunbeam 47B54-0, Sunbeam 47B59, Sunbeam 47B59-0, Sunbeam 47B59-1, Sunbeam 47B59-2, Sunbeam 47B64, Sunbeam 47B64-0, Sunbeam 47B64-1, Sunbeam 47B64-2, Sunbeam 47C5E, Sunbeam 47C74, Sunbeam 47C74-0, Sunbeam 47C74-2, Sunbeam 47C7C, Sunbeam 47D64-0, Sunbeam 47D79, Sunbeam 47D79-0, Sunbeam 47D79-2, Sunbeam 47G87-0, Sunbeam 47GD7, Sunbeam 47GD7-1, Sunbeam 47XB2, Sunbeam 47XC5, Sunbeam 47XE3, Sunbeam 47XE4, Sunbeam 47XE7, Sunbeam 520CC, Sunbeam 520CC-1, Sunbeam 523EC, Sunbeam 523EC-1, Sunbeam 524EC, Sunbeam 524EC-1, Sunbeam 55513, Sunbeam 5551A, Sunbeam 55522, Sunbeam 55602, Sunbeam 5560B, Sunbeam 55618, Sunbeam 55708, Sunbeam 55712, Sunbeam 55813, Sunbeam 55818, Sunbeam 5582C, Sunbeam 55918, Sunbeam 67YDJ9, Sunbeam 851132, Sunbeam 851134, Sunbeam 85123, Sunbeam 85222, Sunbeam 8522C, Sunbeam 85323, Sunbeam 8532C, Sunbeam 85423, Sunbeam 85429, Sunbeam 8542C, Sunbeam 85523, Sunbeam 85524, Sunbeam 85528, Sunbeam 8552C, Sunbeam 85623, Sunbeam 85628, Sunbeam 85723, Sunbeam 9330, Sunbeam 9342, Sunbeam 9343, Sunbeam A350E-5, Sunbeam A350K-5, Sunbeam A3543, Sunbeam A354C, Sunbeam A3558, Sunbeam A45, Sunbeam A4754, Sunbeam A475L, Sunbeam AG540E, Sunbeam AG540EB, Sunbeam AG540EP, Sunbeam AG540WB, Sunbeam AT441EPB9, Sunbeam AT540EB, Sunbeam AT540EP9, Sunbeam AT540W, Sunbeam AT540WS, Sunbeam B352C, Sunbeam B353C, Sunbeam B353CL-5, Sunbeam B353CLM-5, Sunbeam B353E, Sunbeam B40, Sunbeam B423S-5, Sunbeam B46, Sunbeam B472C, Sunbeam B473C, Sunbeam B473CL-5, Sunbeam B4744, Sunbeam B4749, Sunbeam B474C, Sunbeam B4754, Sunbeam B475X, Sunbeam B4764, Sunbeam B52, Sunbeam C353B, Sunbeam C353E-5, Sunbeam C353E6, Sunbeam C353F-5, Sunbeam C353K-5, Sunbeam C353S-5, Sunbeam C353W-5, Sunbeam C354B, Sunbeam C358E6, Sunbeam C474B, Sunbeam C474E, Sunbeam C4764, Sunbeam C4774, Sunbeam CG441EP9, Sunbeam D3534, Sunbeam D3553, Sunbeam D3563, Sunbeam D4719, Sunbeam D4779, Sunbeam E353E, Sunbeam E3544, Sunbeam E354C, Sunbeam E3554, Sunbeam E3564, Sunbeam E3574, Sunbeam E4723, Sunbeam E4744, Sunbeam E4753, Sunbeam E475C, Sunbeam E475E, Sunbeam EG5402RPB, Sunbeam GG441EB, Sunbeam GG441EP, Sunbeam GG441EP9, Sunbeam GG441EPB, Sunbeam GG441EPB9, Sunbeam GG441EPWB, Sunbeam GG441H, Sunbeam GG441H9, Sunbeam GG441HB, Sunbeam GG441HB9, Sunbeam GG441HPB9, Sunbeam GG441HW, Sunbeam GG540EB, Sunbeam GG540EP, Sunbeam GG540EP9, Sunbeam GG540EPB, Sunbeam GG540EPB9, Sunbeam GG540W, Sunbeam GG540W9, Sunbeam GG540WB, Sunbeam GG540WB9, Sunbeam GG540WPB9, Sunbeam GS351427, Sunbeam GS352227, Sunbeam GS352327, Sunbeam GS352417, Sunbeam GS352517, Sunbeam GS352527, Sunbeam GS352627, Sunbeam GS355517, Sunbeam GS355617, Sunbeam GS357427, Sunbeam GS357517, Sunbeam GS357527, Sunbeam GS357917, Sunbeam GS359517, Sunbeam GS359527, Sunbeam GS359617, Sunbeam GS452227, Sunbeam GS452617, Sunbeam GS452617L, Sunbeam GS454517, Sunbeam GS454517L, Sunbeam GS454617, Sunbeam GS454627, Sunbeam GS454717, Sunbeam GS454817, Sunbeam GS455427, Sunbeam GS455517, Sunbeam GS455517L, Sunbeam GS455517M, Sunbeam GS457417, Sunbeam GS457517, Sunbeam GS457717, Sunbeam GT441EPB, Sunbeam GT441H, Sunbeam GT441HW, Sunbeam GT540EPB, Sunbeam GT540W, Sunbeam GT540W9, Sunbeam GT540WX9, Sunbeam HG5400EPB, Sunbeam HG5409EPB, Sunbeam HG540EPB, Sunbeam KG6420EPB, Sunbeam SG3400EB, Sunbeam SG3400HB, Sunbeam SG3400HPB, Sunbeam SG3401, Sunbeam SG3401HB, Sunbeam SG3401WB, Sunbeam SG3401WP, Sunbeam SG3402R, Sunbeam SG3402RB, Sunbeam SG3402WB, Sunbeam SG4410H, Sunbeam SG5400EPB, Sunbeam SG5402R, Sunbeam SG5402RB, Sunbeam SG6401R, Sunbeam SG6420EP, Sunbeam SG6420EPB, Sunbeam ST3400EB, Sunbeam ST3401EB, Sunbeam ST3401WB, Sunbeam ST3402RB, Sunbeam ST3402WB, Sunbeam ST5402R, Sunbeam ST5402RB, Sunbeam SUN1A, Sunbeam SUN1B, Sunbeam SUN3, Sunbeam SUN400, Sunbeam SUN402, Sunbeam SUN405, Sunbeam SUN410, Sunbeam SUN415, Sunbeam SUN420, Sunbeam SUN425, Sunbeam SUN426, Sunbeam SUN435, Sunbeam SUN445, Sunbeam SUN449, Sunbeam SUN450, Sunbeam SUN451, Sunbeam SUN455, Sunbeam SUN465, Sunbeam SUN475, Sunbeam SUN485, Sunbeam SUN486, Sunbeam SUN495, Sunbeam SUN498, Sunbeam SUN499, Sunbeam SUN550, Sunbeam SUN576, Sunbeam SUN586, Sunbeam SUN587, Sunbeam SUN588, Sunbeam SUN592, Sunbeam SUN595, Sunbeam SUN597, Sunbeam SUN599, Sunbeam WG3400HB, Sunbeam WG3401, Sunbeam WG3421, Sunbeam WG441H9, Sunbeam WG541EPB, Sunbeam WG541HPB9, Sunbeam WT3400HB

Product Features

  • Listing is for 1 rock grate.
  • 12.5 x 20.125 inch steel wire heat dispersal media grate, rectangular
  • Fits Arkla 3501K, 4702K, 4752K, A35AG, A47AE, GA351517, GR30C-4, GR30C-5; Charmglow 10206, 10301, 10309, 10310, 1353S, 13546, 1475M, 14787, 3501K
  • Fits Charmglow 351BC, 3551K, 4202K, 475EC, A35AE, A35AG, A47AE, C353B, C354B, C474B, C474E, C474E-1, C484B-1, CG640EP, CG640W, CN640E, CN640EP
  • Fits Charmglow CT3402W, E353E, E355M-5, E4734, G344-341, G344-3412, G344-3413, G344-3414, G344-3416, G344-381, G34493415, G424-341, G424-391391

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