As you may know, people on a paleo diet are not only seeing weight loss benefits, but are also finding great health benefits too. After all, it’s a healthy lifestyle choice and not just another diet fad. We all know that MEAT is the mainstay of any paleo, low carb, or keto diet. So... why not serve up the best possible meats in the world? - competition quality BBQ! My friend Bill is an 8x BBQ Grand Champ like you see on TV shows like BBQ Pitmasters. As a matter of fact, he has beat those guys not once but many times over. Bill was actually the best brisket cook in the world in 2013. His brisket is to die for and melts in your mouth it is so tender! Now, you can learn how to cook brisket like Bill. Not only will you stick to your paleo or keto diet, but you’ll have a new found hobby because smoking competition quality BBQ in your own back yard is addicting and fun!
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